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Robinson R 22 for sale

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Robinson R 66 for sale
Helicopter Robinson R 66
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Robinson R 44 Raven II for sale
Helicopter Robinson R 44 Raven II
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Robinson R 44 Raven II for sale
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robinson r 44
Robinson R 66 for sale
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Robinson R 44 Raven II for sale
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robinson r 66 for sale
Robinson R 66 for sale
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Robinson R 22 for sale

Robinson R22 light commercial twin helicopter manufactured by Robinson Helicopter, USA. The prototype helicopter R22, the first time rose into the air on August 28, 1975, More than 3,000 of these machines is operated in 60 countries. The latest model of this helicopter is called the R22 Beta II . Equipped with reciprocating gasoline engine Lycoming O-360, adapted for use at temperatures between -30 and +40 °C, guaranteed plaque to major repairs 2 200 hours, navigational equipment allows to fly at any time of the day. A characteristic feature of the management bodies of this model, like other helicopters Robinson, is a T-shaped handle cyclic pitch.

The company “Robinson”, created by Frank Robinson in 1973, currently produces more helicopters per year than any other American company.

Company Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC) was founded by Frank Robinson in 1973 for the development, production and sales of light twin helicopters. The first office was the apartment of Frank Robinson, but today its employees working in built in June 1994 landscaped complex with an area of 25000 m2, located in the airport area of TORRANCE, California. Robinson has set a goal to create a helicopter that both in production and in operation to be cheaper than any other commercially available light helicopter. Since the release of R22 is greater than 4000 machines – he was the best-selling light helicopter in the world, it also owns all the world records in this class, including records speed, altitude and flight distance.

The Robinson R22 helicopter, the creation of which the specialists of the company worked in a small hangar at the airport TORRANCE, had a very simple truss, welded from steel and light alloys, with a shell of metal and composite panels, two-blade rotor and two-bladed tail rotor on a common horizontal hinge located on the tail boom polemoniaceae design and skid chassis. The power plant consisted of a single piston engine Lycoming mounted below the rear fuselage. The cabin is closed, for two people.

The prototype made its first flight on August 28, 1975, but it took another 3.5 years of testing and improvements before R22 received an FAA certificate (16 March 1979). Deliveries of the first cars to customers began in October 1979.

Initially, the helicopter was put piston engine Lycoming 0-320-AS 150 HP, but in 1981 it was replaced by the 0-320-B2C 160 HP (model R22HP) that, among other things, to provide an increase in speed of 11 km/hour. The basic design of the machine was improved in 1983 – there was a model R22 Alpha, characterized by increased mass of the modified tail, providing increased stability and extra equipment, allowing use of a helicopter for training in instrument flight. After the release of 500 cars the company switched to a modification Robinson R22 Beta, which still remains as the most basic model, though constantly subjected to improvements and modifications.

The primary production model in 2011 was a helicopter Robinson R22 Beta II, launched in 1996, and a different more powerful (about 13%) power plant, including the engine Textron Lycoming 0-360-J2A reduced to 131 HP (instead of the nominal 180 HP) capacity. Among the novelties of a new modification – heated carburetor, automatic of the main rotor, improved speed control, enlarged oil cooler, T-shaped cyclic pitch knob, automatic clutch, doors with portholes and brake rotor.

Option Robinson R 22 IFR Trainer differed enhanced dashboard to accommodate everything needed to prepare pilots for instrument flight, including the artificial horizon, altimeter with encoder, altitude indicator (planned navigation device), automatic direction finder, navigation and communication equipment, transponder, marker beacon, a digital clock and even were replaced.

The company has also developed a variant of the helicopter for law enforcement agencies – R22 Police. In a set of special equipment included searchlight with xenon-advanced lamps, siren, loudspeaker, alternator 70 A and etc.

Unlike many light helicopters, the R22 has been modified for operation with the water surface. The first Robinson R22 Mariner were designed for use with fishing trawlers, leading tuna fishing off the coast of Mexico and Venezuela. In 1996, the 12 helicopters, and then appeared a modified R22 Mariner II (left), which had a higher reserve capacity. Design of a helicopter – corrosion-resistant, chassis – float (there is a pilot – pressure gauge for monitoring pressure in the floats), but with additional wheels for maintenance on the ground. Helicopter R22 Agricultural (bottom left) equipped with a set of spray Apollo Helicopter Services DTM-3: capacity of the tank, attached to the bottom of the chassis using four bolts,-151 l, and the length of the rod sprayer – 7,31 m. Installation of kit requires about five minutes, and it can make just one person and without any special tools and equipment.

Helicopters Robinson R 22 may 11-12, 1982. there are five international records (class E): speed – km/h based on the distance of 3 km and 25 km (average speed on the basis of 100km was 170.8 km/h) and range – 263.6 km in a straight line and 260.5 km in a vicious circle.


The helicopter is based on a single-rotor with tail rotor, one PD and ski landing gear.

The all-metal fuselage. Cabin, main rotor pylon and the mountings of the engine made of steel pipes and power frame made of light alloys; the tail boom and main rotor pylon monocoque structure; the covering of a cabin light alloy and fiberglass.

Seats located adjacent, and is equipped with seat belts with inertial locking. The control knob is placed between the seats and has two handles for piloting by both pilots.

Controls the collective pitch of the main rotor and the engine power on the left side of each seat. On each side of the cab is a window and sliding door. The police version of the doors have spherical glass. Under each seat there is space for Luggage. The cabin has a heating system and ventilation.

Two-bladed main rotor, on the universal joint and limiter with elastic flapping motion of the blades (to prevent hitting the blades on the beam when you start or stop the rotor in conditions of strong wind). The all-metal blades, the chord of the blade 0.18 m, the profile NACA 63015 with improved toe shape; spar and sock is made of stainless steel, plating and honeycomb ≈ of light alloys; the blade is provided with a single trimmer.

Two-bladed tail rotor, with a diameter of 1.07 m; is installed on the left side of the tail boom. The blades have a laminated structure made of light alloys.

Powerplant. The engine piston, four-cylinder; mounted in a horizontal position behind the cab and partially opened for improved cooling and ease of maintenance.

Fuel system. Fuel tank capacity 72.5 l is located on the left side of the upper rear fuselage. At the request of the customer can be installed additional fuel tank capacity 40L. Hydraulic tank capacity 5.7 L.

Transmission. Used V-shaped belt transmission with freewheel clutch spring-type, in the main gearbox and tail rotor gearbox used transmission with helical bevel gears. In drive systems main and tail rotor applied to the coupling of an elastic material. The gear ratio from the rotor to the motor 1:5; from tail rotor to the engine ≈1.28 :1.

Electronic equipment includes a standard flight and navigation equipment, including transceiver radio king KY197; various radio navigation equipment installed on the customer’s requirement, including radio navigation system KN53, navigation system long range “Laurent≈C” transponder KT-6A and the radio compass KR87.

The police version, in addition to the equipment listed above is installed equipment meets the purpose of the helicopter.

Additional equipment includes a set of hooks for hanging goods with electric switch to drop weight (for each pilot) and mechanical system of an emergency drop weight. Maximum weight suspended on the hook of the load 180kg.

The diameter of the mainrotor, m 7.67
The diameter ofthe tail rotor,  1.07 m
Length,m 6.30
Height ,m 2.67
Weight, kg
empty 379
maximum takeoff 621
Internalfuel, kg 52 +29 optional
Engine type 1PD Textron Lycoming O-320-B2C
Power, kW 1 x119
Maximum speedkm/h 190
Cruising speedkm/h 180
Range,km 592
The rate of climb, m/min 366
Practicalceiling, m 4265
Staticceiling, m 2125
The crewpax2

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